Home and doing my homework

Hi baby. I’m listening to the voice of the man of my life as I am doing my homework. His voice always gives me strength; Strength to keep going, Strength to stand up, strength to keep going.

His voice is my armour, his anger and his passion is my inspiration, is existence is my motivation.

He is love. He is my love.

Waiting for his return I’ll do even after my heart stops beating.

I still have my annoying ass motherfucking coughing and it’s starting to piss me off. I’m gonna go to the clinic tomorrow after school at 3 pm to get it checked because I need a lot stronger medication. I am a rather malaise and stubborn immune system so my body refuses a lot of medicine. It has to be stronger for it do any good.

I still have like 3 more chapters to do but I’m tired. I have to finish them by tonight so I don’t think I’ll be joining the girls at the pub tonight. I really wanna rest and get better.

I’ve been overthinking one particular memory in my head for the past few days. I don’t know why but have you had those moments when you start questioning something you witnessed?  Like you’re slowly starting to think that maybe there was a reason behind it and maybe it was planned for you to witness? I witness something that made me hate this person and a few days ago when someone mentioned the word “lies” I started thinking about that again and then his words came back to me. How he tried to act all heroic by saying ” I should just let you hate me and forget me” and it worked because I do. He means less than dirt to me but why does my mind doubt my judgement?

On a completely different note, my heart has been beating really fast and my hands have been trembling the whole day. I don’t know why but it’s starting to worry me. I’ll ask that to the doctor tomorrow too.

I gotta get back to my homework. I’ll talk to ya later 😀




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