Dead ass tired

Hi guys. How are you?
Hahaha don’t even ask me; I’m having trouble Trying to keep my eyes open T.T
I bought new geeks the other day  though ^^


I am so damn tired O.o

Hm… so what have I been up to?
Tuesday afternoon I backed a small bag and got on a train, sat on that god damn train for 1 hour and 42 minutes, I got off at Oseon and meet my friends at the Army base. I mostly went to spend time with my friend Quinn and Chung(I don’t call him Chung but everyone does so I’m gonna write that name here)(what I call him is a secret :P).
I got to meet a few of Quinn’s friends and they were really nice  🙂
Yes, that means I spent the night at a an army base with more than 2000 men but no, I did not feel in danger or uncomfortable 🙂 it was super fun and I’m gonna try my best to visit them again soon. They’re my buddies and I think we had fun 🙂 we went out to eat korean BBQ, we watched Game Of Thrones and ate ice cream and chocolate^^
I hope they had fun as well 🙂

Now im on my way to school and I haven’t done my homework and I’m drop dead tired but hopefully I won’t fall asleep in class xD

Holy fuck it’s hot in this subway -.-
I feel like a hippo in hawaii…

Ugh my throat feels thick and I think I’m catching a cold again. I really need to start taking vitamin pills!!

Oh oh look here’s a shot Maja took of me while I was stretching during poledancing 😀


I really like this pic, I don’t know why. Maybe because a see my old self in it and how much she doesn’t exist anymore. The shy, quiet, insecure and lonely girl everyone busted around and the girl no one cared about. So I like this picture a lot 🙂

Im gonna go to a tattoo artist today to see if he is good at drawing dragons and dragon wings. If not, I’ll do that tattoo somewhere else and let him do the small simple ones ^^
I want the image in my head to match the tattoo im gonna get so.. ^^~

I was in a sucky and tired mood today but after having spent around  30 minutes hacking down my Spotify, my Jay Park New Breed album list finally works and I can finally enjoy his lovely voice 😀 ❤

Im gonna have to get some Burn or Redbull to make it through today man… I wanna die Im so tired X.X

I'll talk to ya later, baby love

I'll be thinking about you.

I miss you already ~

Be good!



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