Skipping poledancing to do my homework

Hi baby~ how are you? I’ve missed talking to you and that adorable smile of yours. ❤

Im sitting at a coffee shop with a friend and he's on the phone with his lovely wife and while I was texting a friend, I came to think about how we always accept the saying "grown-ups know more" and "parents knows what's best for you".

Now let me tell you why that is so far from the truth that it probably exists in another realm. You see,  unless your parents actually try to get to know you, they don't know shit about you. Now think about this; if a person doesn't know anything about you, how can they know what's best for you?

You and the people you trust undoubtedly are the ones who knows you the best!

Blood is not always family and blood is not always thicker than water.



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