New tattoo baby

Hey baby,  I got a new tattoo yesterday. I got my baby sister’s name tattoed are the top of my left forearm with the words  “the blood in my veins” under it.
Here’s the outlined sketch


And this is 30 minutes later!!


It hurt but it was nothing compared to the ones on my fingers ~

The name Eda is the name of my baby sister of soon 18 years. Why I decided to write the words below it is because we grew up being told be people that “family is all” and “blood is thicker than water” but as I grew up I realised how not true that is. My baby sister is however the only sibling  from the same parents that I love unconditionally. She’s my sister, my friend,  my daughter, my family. she’ll always be a part of me because she’s the blood that runs through my veins.

That’s why 🙂


I didn’t do the wings because the guy that was supposed to do it made an awful sketch and he sooo didn’t understand what font I wanted Eda in. He kept on suggestion these prison/gangster fonts. You know those wanna be graffiti tatooes? Like those..

Nope. So I went to Hongdae and got it done there 🙂

Now it’s time for school. I hope it heals fast so I can get back to poledancing^^~



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