My fish


My fish

It’s about you. And it’s about me.
Maybe we ought to call it us; the magical word of unity.
Of you and me.

My mind slams her fist on the table.
“Walk away” she yells at me.
My heart cries for mercy. She’s begging “But I wanna keep him”.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, right?
Then why do I so deliberately struggle to keep this one?
It’s only one fish.
My fish.

My heart sniffs and giggles while my brain tries hard to hide her smile.
“He hates fish” my heart giggles.

Well, he is one. One of the those colorful ones.
Almost like Nemo.
How appropriate; he knows nothing about Disney.

I’ll scribble these words down and throw them away, yet I know. They’ll remain within me as long as my feelings do.

I don’t know wanna get attached yet I know, the smile on his face has an impact on my day in the most malaise way imaginable.

He never says goodnight or good morning and I hate it.

He never sends hearts.
Maybe he doesn’t have one?
Does that mean he’ll break mine?
My fish.


Im scribbling down my thought in the hopes that you guys might relate.
Have you even let someone walk away or paus you for their dreams? Have you ever let them go, nlt knowing if they’ll come back to you?

I wrote this thingy.. i dont know why.

Im weird. Don’t judge.

No matter what we wish to achieve and do, the heart wants what it wants.



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