spending the morning at the hospital

Hi baby. How are you?

I just got home from the hospital. No no, calm you tits; I’m fine but I took Selma there. she needed to go the hospital so I texted me teacher, saying I can’t come to school today, and took Selma to the emergency centre at the hospital across the street.  I just got home after we finally got the medication she needed. She’s resting now after having taking her first set of medication and I’m about to order home delivery to get us some turkish soup for her throat.


I’m super tired; I fell asleep 4 am and woke up to help Selma around 9 am I think.. I don’t remember.

I hate my night terrors, I really do.

I miss peaceful sleep.

I gotta get a boyfriend to make him sleep next to me so I can sleep peacefully. hahahaahhaha Evil Ozzy xD

No no, I’m fine like this.^^

My school has a talent show and the audition is on Monday. The texted me that now. NOW! that leaves me with 3 days. 3 DAYS.

I can make it. I know I can !






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