My absence has an unspeakable explaination

Hi baby~
How are you? Ive missed you immensely.
Ive been unacceptably busy in the last couple of days and for that I am truly sorry. But I always come back, don’t I? ~

Have you ever felt people changing?  Like when you can see the difference in people’s behaviour towards you and you refuse to voice them because you don’t wanna fight?

Like when people go from wanting to spend every second of your time together glued to you to not even looking at you when you’re next to each other? Or when they say :what to you want?” When you try to close the distance?

You think I can’t tell, you think I overthink but maybe you need to think twice…

Small details tell alot..

Let’s move on from this topic 🙂

Have you seen fast 7 yet?!?!?! I haven’t and it drives me crazy!!!

I miss my buddy Quin so so so so so so much! I didn’t think he would come to mean so much to me but he’s my bro and my buddy and I miss him~
I love you, Quin. I love you, bro!

You’re the world, bro! ❤ 😘😘❤❤

I can't believe Andrew and Rod is leaving soon too, now I only got Vinny left haha ^^

Im listening to kelly Rowland's heaven and earth and it takes me to places ❤

"You're not capable of loving me like you should and you won't be until you grow. And loosing me is proof that you reep that which you sow. No more feeling sorry for myself cause I know my worth and I will no longer settle for whatever cause I know I deserve heaven and earth."

Some songs make me think about things I shouldn't, remember memories I shouldn't, miss people who don't deserve it.

"Leaving is as easy as fighting.  I'll drop my shield, bow and walk away; if you're not worth the sweat. "
–  T.M.O

Im on my way to meet Maja for some quality time together. I've missed her ❤


Ozzy 🙂


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