Long Story

Hi love, how are you?

I’ve been thrown back and forth and now I’m in Sweden. For only  short while I’m afraid as I have made up my mind to go back to Canada in a few months.

What happened?

Wow. Where to begin.

Love is demanding. That’s all I gotta say.

No but really. Let me explain it all to you.

I have a very important reason to go back to Canada, which is gonna help me with my dance career also.

I’m gonna explain everything in detail step by step as the days go but I want to apologise for being so bad at posting updates. I’m sorry. So So Sorry.

Well, like I said, I’m back in Sweden for a while so I’m back at where I used to work before I left and it’s kind of like a love and hate thing because I’ve missed my colleagues but I have definitely not missed to office.Well, well..

Good morning 🙂



Since I’m home, my biggest pleasure is religiously using my baby sister’s wardrobe. hahahaahahahah!!!!

Now I gotta go, I’m gonna meet up my soulmate for breakie before work.

Love you. Be good!




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