Sucky Sunday. This day sucks.

Hi sweetheart. No, don’t even bother asking, this day sucks so far.

My day started off pretty okay but BIM BAM BOM it turned upside down. I was sitting on the train, on my way to the office and all of a sudden, I feel this random pervert poking me in the arm through the tiny space between my seat and the train ” wall” you know. I move my arm a little further away in hopes that he gets the fucking picture but no, this scumbag goes out of his way and pokes me again while whispering disgusting words to me.
I get up, I turn around and verbally slay that asshole. I mean, what on earth did you expect was gonna happen? That I was gonna turn around, bow my head and go ” Thank you master for treating me like a freaking Facebook post with your pokes, What can I do for you?”

I mean seriously!

Let me clarify this shit; No one, NO ONE, on this planet is existing for you, okay. You are the reason people hate each other , people like you are the reason why people end of shutting strangers out because holy fuck, are you dumb?!?! Are you that desperate?!?!

You scumbag.

Feel like Jane between two trees after being chased by monkeys, I asked myself: It can’t really get any worse than this, can it?

It can. It can, Ozzy.

I called the one person I felt like I needed to talk to and could talk it out to, to calm down, only to be told that I was overreacting a little.


Thank you, Sunday. You suck.




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