My weekend, with lots of laughter

Hi darling!

How was your weekend? How is you new week going so far?

This is how my saturday started:

Me and Nessie went to Pizza Hut for some cheesy ass breakfast before going to the National Museum of History.

wpid-snapchat-5159302548891094553.jpg wpid-snapchat-3500597222906718885.jpg


the day went smooth and we had lots of fun. We got home to her, watched some entertaining Stand up shows by Johan Glans and stuffed ourselves with B&J ice-cream, chips and candy.


Turkish tea and sandwich for breakfast,

topping it off with some nice and hot turkish coffee


It was a much needed escape from everything and I’m glad we did that.

I love you to death, Nessie and I’m glad I have you in my life.




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