Love love love


Hi darling ~

How was your day?
I had a pretty successful job interview~

Im pretty confused about life at the moment and rather unimpressed by people I guess.

I dont understand how some can say they love you yet do no justice to those words?
Is it so difficult to ask how I am, send a text once a day, being a little nice,sweet or a little romantic?

How can it be so hard?
To appreciate the one who loves you WHILE they ACTUALLY DO LOVE YOU..

Oh well. Ive taught myself to not push everyone over the same cliff.

Im still in love with love and I’m still fighting! 🙂

Love is worth it when it answers back 😄😄😄

Im watching  Rooftop Prince (a kdrama) without subtitles and all and Im super FUCKING PROUD because I understand it all (yes, bitches) but I have so much anger towards this Prince fucker for running after the the evil bitch when you have  박하 right there! !!!!!!




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