Yesterdays fun times

Hi dear 🙂

yesterday, After the job interview, I met up with Nessie to kind of hang out a little.

I finally found some shoes I wanted to buy and here there are 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 17.17.43

I chose these because they look fierce and bold yet very elegant in a way too. They’re not very uncomfortable and it’s made out of fake leather. I wanted to go for something intimidating and high but I also wanted it to be a closed shoe with a thick heel so that I can wear it pretty much until the roads are covered with ice. I think I made the right chose. These are sexy as hell and look damn fine with my butt in some tight jeans. ^^


We finished the day with some frozen yoghurt and let me show you what a boring ass colourless bitch Nessie is compared yo my sparkling cup or yoghurt xD



That was Nessie’s cup.




THAT’S my cup^^




Snapchat bomb 😀


Now I’m gonna continue watching the korean drama named Rooftop prince after I’ve finished ranting to Nessie about how disrespectful and disappointing the younger generation is ( the one after ours).




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