It’s friday and I’m in love

Hi love 🙂

How are you? My shitty week is finally over and I have started my workless weekend which will hopefully be filled with some dancing and a possible dance video shooting.

I’m just gotta put it out there that the person who’s behaviour that has been hurting me and making me cry and all that shit that I expressed to you a few posts ago… Well I guess not giving up so easily payed off for me.

For those who have been reading every update I make, you probably have noticed how a specific incident affected my mental state and happiness poorly very much and that I have been down because of that…

Well, Long story short, things turned north and it’s much better now 🙂  I guess I’ll tell you more about that in the future when the time and place is right. It’s not the right moment now. I’ll explain later.


I’m listening to this song at the moment:

I really like this song, I have been listening to it on replay!

BTW, I got my period today and booooooy am I in pain -.-

Well.. it’s only for four days so I should be fine soon ^^

I’m gonna try to study something or skype before showering. 🙂




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