New week yo


Hello darling 🙂

Hoooow have you been? This week is the last one at this shitty work place and I’m excited to not wake up at 4 am to go to work again^^

Im gonna have a test day at a different work place on Saturday and then see what happens there. I hope they dont ask me to do more than one test day because nothing sucks more than free labor.

I felt really tired and shitty yesterday and ended up Woking up 20 minutes late but thanks to my smart ass that puts the alarm 20-30 minutes early; I was just in time for my train.

I hate waking up so early;it fucks up your entire system and not I have a freaking headache. This week just started and Im already  110% done with it. I just wanna sleep.
Its not like the freaking nightmares would let me though. :/



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