Can’t wait For Tomorrow

Hi darling! How have you been? It’s saturday now ^^

I sometimes think about the fact that the sister I don’t talk to is the only one religiously stalking my blog to find things to hate me for and it’s both quite sad and funny at the same time. xD

I’ve figured you out, dear sister. I know the reason behind the hate you’ve fed your miserable soul. You choose to hate me and puke your hate upon me because of the very reason that you are jealous. My life is not dipped in gold and perfect but I am fighting for my passion, I’m trying to reach my short term and long term goals, I have wonderful friends that lets me love and support them and does the same for me too, I have a wonderful and smart sister who’s name I carry on my arm, I have found my soulmate and have had the luxury to be in her life since the day she was born, I have found true love and I am headstrong, brave and a role-model.
I have accomplished things you couldn’t even dream about let alone muster up the courage to try to do.

Remember the amount of hate you had for me dancing? How hard you tried to make my plans to go the Korea fail? You couldn’t stand the idea that I have the courage to do what I love when you GAVE  you dreams UP just because dad said it wouldn’t fit our family image.

The fact that I could say FUCK THAT and plunge into my goals freaked you out. Because you didn’t dare to.

So at the end of the day, I think the hate you have for me are actually the hate and regret you feel for yourself and your cowardice.

Maybe one day you’ll grow up and stop punishing me for the hate you have for yourself. Then maybe we can be siblings again.

Tomorrow, though, my love!!

I don’t know if you have seen the commercial for Burger King’s limited Time burger but THEY HAVE LAUNCHED A LONG CHEESEBURGER WITH LETTUCE AND TOMATOES IN IT and I have been craving that thing for the past 2 weeks and now… finally  I WILL EAT IT TOMORROW!

In case your eyes haven’t feasted on this sight, here’s a picture:


Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 14.42.47







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