Sunday house time

Hi darling 🙂


Today Im gonna go and see the house for the final time before handing over the deposit and getting the keys. I’ll take some pictures as soon as I can.

I dont know if I told you but heres a quick review:

The family friend that promised me her apartment kept behaving fishy so I googled up the person who lives there now’s phone and called. It turns out that person wasnt moving out at all. WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE. She lied straight to my face.

But I pulled myself up quickly, search around like mad mad cray and found a cozy apartment. A one room apartment, newly renovated with a clean simple color. The rent is a little high but compared to what Ive seen  on the Internet; its good. Ive seen people demand 11000 sek with a deposit of 20000 sek for a one room apartment i the middle of fucking nowhere. So compared to that, this is great. Its gonna be fun to call it “my home”.
Im gonna make a deal with the friends and family members who will visit eventually to either give me the money of the gift or let me tell when what I need at home. If you’re gonna spend money on a gift its just better if its something I need.

Im proud of myself for in the end finding something  ON MY OWN without any help whatsoever.

Lets see how this goes. It might just go south :/



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