Hi love! How have you beeeen?
Ive been b.u.s.y.
Like busy busy. BUSY busy.
Ive finally moved and started working but I dont really like my new work place to be perfectlu honest. Im not gonna quit it of course, Im gonna give it some more time but I just dont like how they have nothing in structure. Pfft.

Winter is finally showing it’s presence in Stockholm in terms of cold which makes me miss Seoul even more. It might sound crazy but I absolutely missed the shattering, bone shaking cold in Seoul. I miss the fifth eleven options of coffee in the cozy coffee shops, the kindness of the people and the smell of the authentic life there. I miss my life there. Im going back sooner or later. That’s not a wish, that’s a fact. šŸ˜€

Im gonna show you a full photo album of my new place as soon as it’s  fully done and furnished with every detail to perfection. šŸ™‚

I’ve been insanely obsessed over Wooyoung’s voice and songs from 2PM lately. I dont know why but I dont mind. He’s a wonderful singer and a soul with the beauty beyond comparison.
Love love love for him.  ā¤



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