Wasted a day

Hi love.

Yeah well the title gives a way a lot, doesn’t it?


My mom and my baby sister moved a few days ago today a locksmith had to come and change their locks but because they had to go to work/school, they asked me if a could come and stay here so someone can open the door and whatnot. I said yes because I had a day off today anyways, not caring about the fact that I fell asleep at 4 am and they called me for help at 6.30 am…

Now Ive been sitting here since 8 am and it’s 4 pm; I just feel like I’ve waisted an entire day because at the end of the day, they didn’t even say thank you.



Now Im waiting for mom to come so I can give her the new keys so I can go home. I have my own house to clean up, I have to go grocery shopping too…
And shower before going to sleep so I can be at work 9.30 am….



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