No snow on xmas – but shitty weather alright

Hi dear.

This day started off as shitty as it could ever get and ended just as shitty as it started.


Let me tell you something, sweetheart, if you ever fight with someone and you make a mistake, apologise.  You should never pick your ego instead of the one in front of you because trust me, they will no longer try to stick by your side again.

The moment you have to ask for an apology or start a fight for the other person to stop being selfish and saying sorry, you will loose of you desire to keep that person around.

No one should ever have to start a fight or ask for an apology; be a grown fucking human being and say sorry when you make a mistake.

If you so choose to stick by your ego instead, then you are the only one fully responsible for loosing that person’s love and trust in you.


I will never again try to make you stay, I will never try to stick around and I will never again apologise to you because I have never been hurt the way I was yesterday and this morning.

Never will you have the right to demand an apology from me.

You see dear, my friend of 20 fucking years and I both made a mistake towards each other and while I apologised over and over again, she chose her ego and said she was not the one at fault and refused to apologise, telling me to just let it go.

Fuck you Im not letting shit go. I’ve been by your side and been your friend for the past 20 years, how dare you pick your ego instead of just accepting that you made a mistake too.

Sure, she apologised afterwards, back that was after the damage was done. What meaning does a ” sorry” have if I have to FUCKING ASK FOR IT?!.


While I’ve lost all desire to even keep up with the plans we made, I no longer feel as close as we used to be. I should never have to ask you to say sorry nor having the need to start a fight for you to understand that you’re behaving like a fucking child.

Your behaviour during this event has not only destroyed the closeness I felt for you, it has clearly proven to me that I don’t mean jack shit to you.

And because of that,

I will no longer try.


You see, love, You shouldn’t have to be treated like you mean less than someone’s ego. You don’t have to keep trying when the person hurting you is not trying to keep you around.

Fuck that.

Stand up for yourself and let people know when they have to stop being fucking children and act like a grown ass people.

If you don’t dare to, let me know and I’ll text them for you. 🙂 ^^






2 thoughts on “No snow on xmas – but shitty weather alright

  1. I think you should take in consideration that fighting is normal. Most people never apologize , but that doesn`t mean they don`t feel bad. Regardless of how close you are to a person you always come first and you should never admit your mistakes to others because it`s a sign of weakness. I really hope you work things out.

    • Fghting is indeed normal but here’s the reality sweetheart; admitting youe mistakes is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of maturity. You either apologise for hurting somone or you choose your ego and loose that person. It’s very simple. You’ll understand what I mean one day. 🙂

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