Change of plans – for the better

Good morning love.


Today I apparently dont work so I’m gonna meet up Nessie after work. the primary plan was for us to go to Ikea and pick up a TV table but seeing as M.M failed to deliver the TV itself on the scheduled date, buying the TV table became a moot plan fairly quickly. So instead, we decided to go to the gym and sign us up with a membership each. We were gonna start poledancing but we decided to go to the gym for a semester, or two, first instead.
Ive missed it and she definately needs to exercise; not because she’s overweight( she is having such a hard time gaining weight that we celebrate every kilo she gains) but because she barely had any muscles. So off we shall go.  🙂

Im so glad that it has finally snowed because I can finally wear my Dr. Martens.~~


Do you like the snow?

I love it. ❤



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