Show your love


Good morning ~
Did you sleep well, love? πŸ™‚

It’s not very cold today but still, make sure to dress warmly, okay?

I’m on my way to work now, my wrist hurt a little bit and my muscles are sore, I think I tensed up quite a bit during some nightmares last night.. :/

On a completely different yet largely important note, please make sure to let the ones you love know that you do. Make sure to give compliments and be nice.

As a society I think we had shied away from letting people know the good and only throw up the negatives in other’s faces. We have got to stop that.
Is someone good looking? Tell them every once in a while. Is she wearing a nice shirt? Let her know. Did his make up turn out fleek? Make sure he knows. Did those shoes look really good on your friend? Let hen know, dear.

Dont be afraid of giving compliments, just dont be creepy you know πŸ™‚



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