“Happy” new year


Happy new year sweetheart~
Yeah, not everyone is drinking or happy dancing during new years…

I remember now that last year om my birthday things happened and I spent the day crying.
Today, I am crying too.

But let me make this crystal fucking clear: CRYING DOESNT MAKE SOMEONE CHILDISH.

If I hear anyone say that to ANYONE, I will claw your bellybotton out. 
Go on, lets see who’s crying then.. 😑😑

Make sure to wreck some shit and be a better human being this year, okay?

Stop being selfish and start caring for the ones around you, try to not be a fucking asshole, eat more fruits and learn a new skill. Okay?

❤ !!


One thought on ““Happy” new year

  1. It`s normal to cry. Get rid of the people in your life who don`t agree. The body needs to heal and by not crying you are making yourself feel worse. Keep your chin up !

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