2016 – please show me some joy


Good morning~

How was your sleep?  Mine was nonexistent.-.-

This time around, last year, I was on my way to work in a country I loved being in with a job that I was excited to go to every day.
South Korea. Hooters Korea. ❤

But this year I woke up to an empty apartment to wash of the run down mascara on my face to go to work, a job I never knew could suck so badly. Never have I encountered a company who has bo care nor respect for their workers. Its like a joke…
Thank god most of the co workers are nice to work with. 🙂

I made some resolutions this year and I intend to make sure keep them. Ive always accomplished every mission I have given myself and I am not planing on failing now.

If they make sense, apply them to yourself too, Sweetheart.

– dont break your neck for others.

-say I love you and thank you more.

-dance more.

-laugh more.

– curse less.



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