My couch is finally mine.

Hello sweetheart. How was your weekend? Mine? Don’t even ask -.-

I’ve spent the last two days waking up with nose bleeding, asthma attacks and cramps in my ribcage so… wonderful.


My couch came yesterday!
It finally came.
I would like to add that I fucking hate the store Chilli which is where I bought it from. It fucking sucks how I was given the wrong information about which side the L part was gonna be on, there were pieces missing when putting it together and it’s structured in a way so that one must be two people to build the damn thing.

So, thank lord for having her, Nessie came first thing in the morning and helped me put it together. I met her up at the Central Station, we bought some breakfast and came home to start off by eating what we bought.


Take a look at the first part of my apartment:



After payday, I have the dinner table, chairs, decorations and TV stand which will serve a vintage book stand to buy.

I’ve already picked them out, I just gotta go and buy them.

After my apartment is finally done, I’ll take a full photo set to show you every corner of it. 🙂

Once that’s done, I’m gonna start saving for my trip to Toronto for a week in April. Im so excited about flying there for a specific reason. So excited that I’ve already picked out my outfit that I’m gonna wear when I’m landing and what I will be packing with me.

Boy if I’m excited or not… 😀

Do you know why I’m so proud of my tiny little cozy apartment? Because I found it on my own, I rented it on my own and I am paying for my furniture on my own. I waited, patiently, and now I am eating the fruits I patiently grew 🙂




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