The H8teful Eight

Hi dear. A busy day it was today, the kind that was positive 🙂


You may know that I am finally back at the gym, and so today me and Nessie started the day with some exercising 🙂


I can barely feel my legs after today’s workout 😀

After the gym we went to Myrorna, a second hand store and I got myself some cheap books 🙂


I got Secret Moon and The Guilty novels vol. 1,2,3.
They’re Yaoi Manga, which I love reading. I love manga 🙂
My favourite yaoi manga is Hidoku Shinaide (I hope I spelled that right).
Here’s a photo of the couple the story is about 🙂


Thats handsome Maya on the right and adorable Nemu on the left! 🙂

My ultimate favourite when it comes to Manga is probably  Pokemon and The Death Note 😉

We ended the day with the new movie The H8teful Eight and boy is that a fucked up movie but oh so awesome and well made!!


If you’re not afraid of seeing vilence and blood,  you should check it out!  🙂

Im gonna get started on Secret Moon. Lets see how it is! 🙂



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