Wednesday and my body is aching

Hi love!

I know i was gone two or so days, I recorded that dance video I was talking about. The problem is that I couldn’t post in on youtube. The song is sung by Sam Smith and apparently he has a copyright deal with Youtube which disables anyone from using his music in any type of video. I shared it on Facebook, and it’s a really wonderful piece of art but I don’t know how to post videos here on the website so I have to figure out a way to share that one with you. 🙂

Look: 😉


You know what?? Ive been working out thoroughly again and my my body is finally feeling healthier again 😀


Hahah thats my morning wake up snap to all my lazy friends^^ xD

Im thinking about buying new circle lenses lake the ones I used to have 😀


I liked them ^^ 😀

Ugh I got work tomorrow so I think I have to go to sleep… :/

I hate saying goodbye, my sweetiepie :/





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