Daesung is his name


Good morning love~~

How is your week going? My darling,  has it been okay? I havent been ablr to sleep very well these past few days but I hugged my Tigger to sleep and I finally got a good nights rest. I think hugging someone and being so damn tired knocked me out. Hahaha I needed that^^;)

Ive finally given my lovely Tigger a name and I have chosen to name him Daesung.
My few close buddies know that I name the things I have; phone, ipad, computer and specific things like that 😀 ^^

Im on my way to work now 🙂


Ever since I left Korea, I have grown this weird appreciation for its make up style and fashion. I have noticed how Im mixing the western and asian styles quite often. Like my tinted pink lips and my big flawless eyeliner and eyelashes… ^^

I sort of like it 🙂



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