My own drink


Hi baby~
I had a day off yesterday and so I stayed home because the weather was awful. Thats when I decided to be a little creative and made my own drink.
Whats in it:

Lemon juice, sherbet, orange juice and blueberry juice. It’s alcohol free and super delicious and sour 🙂
I named it Nice Bitch  ^^

Today Im finally gonna buy the shoes Ive wanted to have for a long time. I babysat my new born sister for 4 days and in return my dad gave me the money to buy them.

I’ll show them to you later today when I’ve bought them 😀


Ive been sad and down for the pasy couple of days because of an issue with Nessie but we sort of solved it yesterday. But to top me feeling down, I get a text from someone very important saying “should we end this? Seems like we dont have any passion for each anymore”
Great fucking timing asshole.
I spend an entire fucking year to make this work, I shut up and listen to your lunatic ego when ever you get mad and insult me for hours straight. I send you gifts and I LIVE IN THIS DAMN COUNTRY JUST TO GIVE YOU A BETTER FUTURE LIKE YOU WANTED and now you’re blaming your apathetic feelings on me??
No no no.
That’s god damn enough.

I texted hen back asking what the hell is wrong and how someone can be so selfish. I literally said “how is leaving me such an easy topic for you? Is that what you really want?”
If the reply is remotely mean/rude/yes, Girl will I fucking snap!
Ive had enough for real.
Hen can take those mere pathetic opinions and shove it up somewhere dark. Like hen’s ass or personality; there’s not really a difference so..

Im gonna get my nails redone today and so I will post them as soon as I get home 🙂




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