My mind is wandering off

Hi, my darling one 🙂

I don’t really know why (yeah, I probably do) but Ive recently gained this immense urge, or should I say curiosity, to find out and know more about the Devil. I’m not a satanist nor am I desiring to become one; I just am very curious.

His reasoning, his names, the real reason behind why he fell, the motive behind his actions etc.

See, I don’t think the devil is evil. Well, sure he is, but I believe the devil uses his rage to punish evil rather than being bluntly evil.

I might sound like I’m nuts but I’ve always been the curious knowledge- hungry one and I can feel every part of my just jumping up and down to find out more about the Fallen Prince of Darkness.

I don’t know; I just really wanna know. It sounds cliché but I wanna know what’s hidden under all this fear the world has built up towards the devil. He doesn’t really scare me, he fascinates me, surprisingly so…


Now I gotta go to bed, because I have gym time and work tomorrow 😀


goodnight ❤





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