Shitty end to the week

Hi dear. How are you?
Me? Not so much. Yesterday was yet again one of those days where my father does what he’s best at; he insults and belittles and shouts without listening, trying to understand and/or even let you speak.

As you may know,  we are unfortunately going on a trip to Turkey together with everyone and the fight started because I dont want to/cant add one more week to my vacation because I was only given 2 weeks from my workplace ( plus i only agreed to 2 weeks from the start). For refusing to lie and say Im sick for a week so I can go on that ridiculous trip together, I was shouted at and belittled infront of the whole family during dinner. I got so mad to the point that I couldnt control my tears.

I spent 3 years without my father and my  sister and I was beyond fine. I let them in for 2 months and im crying again.

I cried so much that when I showered afterwards, my eyes started burning from the water :/

Yesterday during the dance video shooting, i damaged my shoulder and it still hurts.

I worked out this morning in hopes that using it was gonna reduce the pain but it didnt.


The video is also fully shot but Its not edited yet.


I hope you like it once it comes out ❤

Today was really as shitty as yesterday and the one this I actually need, the one person I actually waited to text me, of corse didnt.
Why even bother?

Its 2 am now and I'm still awake. I just finished me casein shake and need to wash out the shaker before it starts to smell.

I feel so burned out and… in need some caring and love that I lit up my valentine's day candle.


Now Im gonna wash out my shaker and then try to sleep.

Goodnight  ❤



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