Let him have his way


Hi baby. I missed talking to you; not those short simple updates but the long intimated conversations we sometimes have where I really let you know about what’s going on in my head. This is kind of like one of those days.

What do you do when you want someone and they want you too, just not in the same way?
What do you do when the person you want so badly says he needs a very long time to know if he wants something serious yet doesnt mind fooling around until then? What if that mentality doesn’t meet your standards and morals? What if the respect you feel for yourself forbids you to let your guards down and let someone take control of your body when that person isnt even ready to hold your hand and call you his woman? Yet he teases you, he gives you these hard “Im so gonna flip you over the table and fuck you until sunrise once I get you alone” looks…

And here you are, just wanting to compromise, to find a middle way..

One part of you wants to hand yourself over at his mercy, letting him do as he wishes with you because everything is worth those stone cold dirty looks but the other part wants respect, value and to feel loved… not just the shallow parts…

My brain is in a deep war with my heart and my vagina… lets see who wins 😂😂



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