Off we go


Im in my favorite tights, in hopes of some comfort. This trip sucks so far.

I bought this book to read, Ive heard its good so we’ll see ~

I want nothing more than to lay down under a pile of blankets and burry my face the crook of his neck, just inhaling his sent and feel safe. I just wanna forget all this and look into his eyes. Or just sit in his lap with his shirt on; that classy bastard wears nothing but proper dress shirts.

All I want is to breathe him in yet he’s not even texting me. Arent you the least bit interested or worried?

Or is this your way of making me tough too…

I already am tough; a little affection would help a lot more. But thats not how he works. Emotions, romance…  is non existent.

Im trying to focus on keeping my legs together so the Coca cola cans dont slip, its good workout.

The weather is still shitty, just like my life is right now.

I’ll write again before exiting sweden, and then again as soon as I get wifi.



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