Tommy Hilfiger

Hi love~
This is what I bought ~~




I was gonna buy these shoes when I returned home but while we were in the mall, I saw Tommy Hilfiger’s store so I wanted to check out the price difference. These shoes cost 950 SEK in Sweden at Scorett ( ) but they cost 269 TL which is around 800 SEK, so I decided to buy them now instead. They’re marine blue and were simple yet elegant~

And no, I didnt go out of my way to pay for brand socks,  they were gifts from the store ( some campaign or whatever). It’s  still kind of funny to have brand socks,  I used to not really care about what kind of socks I wear but now I own TH socks hahaha 😂

The first time I saw these shoes I got this scene in my head where Im walking down the street, holding hand with my imaginary significant other and he’s wearing marine blue classic shoes next to mine and we look so casual yet fabulous. Solely based on that scene in my head, Ive wanted to buy these shoes for quite some time now. And also because I wanna expand my wardrobe. ^^

Now it’s time for bed, Ive been sleeping very poorly lately :/



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