Lets try for a better week

Hi baby~

How are you? Tired? Yeah, I know; me too. I hope this week turns out better than the last one. 

If you like someone and you’re by all means not hiding it at all, and the person you like said he likes you too yet does nothing to show it: should you just sit and wait or forget it and fuck it? 

I dont know because this dude is so…complicated.

He went from wanting to talk on the phone every night before bed to not even replying to my snapchats when I was away in Turkey.  I mean the fuck? 

He gives me looks like he wants to fuck me seven shades of Sunday but he doesnt see it as a big deal. Sir,  my vagina disagrees.

Slow,  he is so slow. 

I mean do I need to draw out a gateway of lights on a pist for you? Here I am thinking you were like Derek Shepperd but you turned out to be more like Christina Yang. Damn it.

Claim whats yours, take me on any available surface,  force me down on your bed… anything. But no, he likes to make flirty comments and remain emotionally unavailable. -.-

Fuck men.




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