Sunday, I get to be lazy for the first time.

Hi, cupcake. How was your day?

I have been lazy on a sunday for the first time for a very tong time. It feels weird… good weird. 🙂



I have a lot to think about, to run my mind through.

I have oddly enough suddenly reunited with an old friend. You probably remember her; Mikaela. We used to be tighter than two layers of skin on a body. Rather sadly, one of those layers turned away and I was left alone. It hurt a lot at the time but as time had past by, I moved on and stopped thinking about her quickly.

I chose to leave three of my friends who were nothing but empty shells and very toxic. they only called and wanted to hang out when they needed me and than the other direction as soon as I was the one in need of comfort of some convo. So I cut them off the moment I had enough. In this process, when I needed her, she left me.

But years later, I was pleasantly surprised with a long, forgiveness seeking text on a sunday night when I was sitting in a bar with a very handsome company. We met up for lunch and it feels good to have her back. I’m just a little timid, seeing as I don’t wanna relive the history. I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt, though. It’s going good so far. ^^

I’ve finally retrieved my workout shoes and clothes and can finally work out tomorrow! Boooooy am I excited to work out!!!

Well, that’s all for now, now I’m gonna start writing a little and then maybe watch some grey’s Anatomy. 🙂




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