Period pain, post training pain and new nails.

Hello my darling.  How are you? 

Me? I dont know. I have period pain and muscle ache and I miss someone I shouldnt.

I didnt even realise I was missing him until I was sitting in the bathtub with the shower raining down on me as I was brushing my teeth and I just kind of realised that I did. 

I miss him.

Maybe it’s not him but I miss his eyes. I miss him staring at me and feeling his hands on my body. 

I miss him.

But only for a second.

And now I’m smiling again. Like nothing happened. Like he wasnt my cloud 9 for that short moment.

Oh don’t worry, he wont be reading that nor knowing it’s about him either. Even if he did, he didn’t have the stomach to act up on the feelings he gave me so he as sure as hell wont have the stomach to read this either. 

Boys act like men yet shy away and run when they run into a strong woman who wants more than just a quickie.

I want more than that.

I deserve more than that.




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