I went climbing today

Hi, Love. How was your day?

Mine? It was okay. I went indoors climbing today and I successfully managed a 5c wall. If you’re not familiar with climbing; 4a is the easiest wall so 5c makes me pretty proud. I just need to remember to use my legs more, not just my arms.

Don’t ask me about how I’m feeling on the inside, though. It’s a messy soup.

I miss a pair of ice blue eyes but I resent the man they belong to; the coward behind them. Deliberately making someone like you and then turning your back to her, shutting those feelings down when it no longer pleases you is being nothing but a coward.

I’m growing apathetic though and I have yet to discover if that is good or bad. Well, my attention is occupied by a different pair of eyes so it’s not like I have that much time looking back. ^^.

Mc. Steamy; that’s what I call him.

He is… steamy.

Sshh…. xD

I miss Nessie, I miss talking to her and calling her during odd hours, meeting up, eating food together and watching movies together. She’s coming home from her vacation this weekend so I just gotta hold on a little longer.


I’ve been wanting to go back to my fashion from when I was in Korea but I don’t know what I worry about what others are gonna think. I didn’t give a damn when I was there, why does my Korean fashion influenced outfits make me conscious now? I should stop caring and just dress as I want to.Well see, I might just do that ^^.

Now I gotta get some rest, Im going climbing tomorrow too, and then I’m going out ^^


Goodnight , Love.





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