Bloody Hell

Hi dear!

Guess what happened to me? To the one person these kind of stuff don’t happen to?



I’m once again thankful for my love to samsung as we easily went into samsung account wiped out the content before blocking the phone. Sure, it was an old phone and it didn’t have much left to life anyways but the whole concept of someone being about to “bump” into my and grabbing my phone from my hands and then vanishing off pisses me off. like; WHAT THE HELL??!?!?!

I had just gotten a batman phone case from my cousin too… and I barely got to use it -.-

I got a copy of my sim card so I still have the same phone number and I’ve bought the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but the release date is 9th of september so I’m using an old Iphone 4 that we keep for emergency international phone calls.  9 days, I can wait 9 days, right? That release date has already been pushed up twice so it better not get delayed one more time !




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