Work day

Hi, love. How are you? Did you sleep well?

I’m at work. haha, I know. I know I’m supposed to be resting still but I’m starting working at an office next week so today was supposed to be an “information day” for me to get to know the place, you know? But it turns out that they needed someone to start right away so I had an info meeting from 9 to 12 and now I’m working here from 12 to 16.

Nope, I’m not heading home after that, I’m helping out at a restaurant in town from 17 to 22 so I have a pretty set day today. It’s good though; I’m tired of resting and now having anything to do besides resting and resting and resting… you know. If I’m okay by the end of the day, I should be good enough to poledance on sunday ^^. Fingers crossed 😀

Did you read my latest drabble on my story blog? It just randomly popped into my head and I thought you might want to check it out :

Here’s the blogs link incase you wanna check out the other stuff I have posted 🙂 :


I don’t know if I’m gonna get used to the whole working during day time only thingy but I might be able to focus on dancing and choreographing more during the evnings now that I have more time on my hands.

Oh, sense my phone got stolen, I pre- ordered and bought Samsung Galaxy Note 7, I told you right? Well jokes on me because 10 phones from all the ones sold in Asia exploded so the release date in Sweden got delayed to 26th of October so they can do quality check on all the devices. -.- that means two more months of waiting for that damn phone. It better be worth all this wait! Note 3 was awesome so I’m hoping it can’t be worse 😀




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