Excuses and Bullshit

Hi, Love. how are you?

I’m… so so. I ended up at the hospital last saturday with the same immense pain in my gall bladder. They sent me home the day after without any results or help…again.

I’m listening to David So’s music; One of the few people I look up to and admire. Also, he is badass and sassy ^^


I’m feeling a bit so so, not only because of my wonderfully annoying gall bladder but because I wanna work out but I’m worried am gonna worsen my condition. I just really wanna work out… :/

I got a phone call from a…somebody. I don’t even know who he is to me.. or what we are to each other. Sick and tired I picked up to have a very random and short conversation about how there was an issue and he said he could deal with it for me if he wanted me to. Confused I asked why and he said well because I care about you.

Care about me? Thank you, sir, but I must disagree. A person don’t care for someone if you make promises and then go back on them. Don’t promise to keep in touch and at least send one text each day if you’re not gonna honor your words. I didn’t ask for you to come up with creative and funny dates and to spend every day of your week with me. I get that you are busy but do not bullshit me with the “I’m so busy I barely sleep” crap because everyone can make 1 minute to send one goddamn text. If you have enough free time in your hands to post bullshit on Facebook every 10 minutes, then you should have time to send me a text once a day. I’m not needy, I’m logical.

That goes for absent friends too. Don’t talk to me about your busy schedule and complain about how I’m an attention hoe when I demand an apology if you haven’t given a shit to call and ask me how I am IF I’M AT THE HOSPITAL.

Don’t bullshit me because 10 out of 10 cases ,I won’t buy them. Grow up. In reality, we give a shit and make time for the people we wish to keep in our lives; whether it’s 2 hours or 2 minutes. No one, No one is too busy to send a text to give a quick phone call.

Fuck your horse crap.

Let me tell you something, Honeybunny, Friends are nice but don’t trust them all, pick a few that you know has you back and keep them close. You can always make new friends but keep them at a little distance. And don’t spend your days giving these shitty boys any value. Β Some are 20 and some are 30, they still be acting like they 12 and thinking with the wrong head. Have fun and all but don’t give 2 fucks about them. Boys are called boys for a reason. Chill and focus on yourself until a real man comes along and actually deserves your time πŸ™‚ Workout, find a new hobby, learn a new language; focus on yourself. Moisturise your hand and paint your nails ^^ .


Anyway, I’m a little better now. It’s Eid in our religion so I spent yesterday at dad’s place and today with mom. I’m planing on working out tomorrow but we’ll see what I decide to do, I don’t know yet. I’m still contemplating on that one.

My next salary is going to my new tattoo and 2 new Naked palettes.


These two πŸ™‚


Anyways, I have to finish watching my Grey’s Anatomy episode πŸ™‚

Goodnight, Love.





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