I’m the sun and he can go and suck it.

Hi, baby love. How are you ?


I’m okay, I finally got to go to the gym today and the ache in my muscles feels..heavenly.

I get asked by my friends a lot about my weird love for working out but the answer might not make much sense unless you feel the same;

To me, working out is a lot more than just pulling on sweaty machines and burning fat. It’s both abstract and concrete. Working out for me is to build muscles and strength, it’s to relief some stress and to feel like my body is evolving. When I look back and think about my weak knees and my inability to make a single push up a year ago makes me very proud when I look at my improvement now. I can break things, I can hurt things but most of all; I can protect.
But it’s not only about my physical ability that I enjoy working out. You see, working out makes me feel like myself. It makes me feel on top of things. I feel…prettier. And happy. Working out for is like… a date with your boyfriend. That’s how it feels.

No, not because I wanna please someone else or look good to men; I work out because it makes me feel prettier to myself. I look at myself in the mirror and I see every muscle move with every motion I make and I feel sexy.

Believe it or not, not all men and women work out for the sake of pleasing others.

You can imagine how down I’ve felt these bast 3 weeks because I haven’t been able to work out because of my sickness. I didn’t like waking up.

Fitness is a lifestyle for me, you know.

But it’s good now. I’m finally back.

I learned how to flawlessly nail a front hook to back hook spin with a combo to sass it off. You can’t imagine the amount of bruises I have from last class. Totally worth it though xD


Did you hear the news? The Note 7 is now being released November 9th in Sweden. -.- I  got so pissed so bought S7 edge in silver instead. They didn’t have it in stock so it’s coming the 29th. I really wanted the Note: I prefer Note all the way but I can’t sit around without a working phone either :/

If Samsung reads this I  would like to say I’m sorry and that I wanted to buy the Note 7 but I need a phone and S7 edge is Samsung as well so I’m not a super traitor, right? ❤


I was listening to music at the gym and a sad song came on and usually I connect sad songs with people that has hurt me but my mind went blank.  Not because boys aren’t trying and failing and not because boys aren’t messing up as always; I’ve just stopped caring about what people actually say. I’ve stopped believing words. There are so many guys that say so much bullshit yet does nothing to back them up and so, I don’t really feel any remorse.

You can’t expect me to care for you when you said a whole bunch of crap about liking me or wanting to be with me yet not even sending a text or picking up the phone to call me.

And no, before you even say it, Honeybunny, They are not all kids.  They sure behave like ones though. ^^ How come the 20 years old is as empty as the 30 years old who says he’s a grown man yet can’t even find his grown ass maturity to act upon his words?

No matter what you do, Sweetiepie, don’t believe words that easily; they are way to easy to spill. Only believe a person if his actions matches them. And trust me, if it looks like they don’t mean well, they don’t mean well.

If someone cares and wants to be with you, you’ll know. You just know.

No matter how cliché it sounds, focus and yourself and love yourself first. People come and go; dates and friends too. The one who won’t leave you is you.

Guys can be very dreamy ,but they’re not the sun.

You are.






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