Had to stay home today

Hi love. How are you?

As the line above states, I had to stay home today. Yesterday after work I met up with my mom and my younger sister to eat at Vapiano together.  We all ate cream sauce based pasta and that might not have been a very smart choice in my case. I felt nauseous right after and it sticked all the way until I woke up this morning. I felt so ill that I could barely eat anything. I forced down a cup of tea to test my stomach and there was no change. Sooo I had to stay home.

I thought I had gotten better but I was mistaken. And something about pasta makes me nauseous every since the surgery. I don’t know why…

But since todays event weren’t all to joyful I’ll share with you what I did this weekend instead.

Saturday morning we went to dad’s place for breakfast together with his wife and the kids which was fun. Hanging out with dad, seeing my niece and spending time with my siblings was fun. The rest…. was ok. hahah.


When I got home saturday evening, I got this urge to bake aaaand so I made breakfast bread



It’s turkish and is called Gömec. SOOO good ^^









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