Weekend at the hospital

Hi love!

Yupp, I ended up at the hospital sunday evening from immense pain and was released tuesday afternoon.

That pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt. breathing, moving… everything hurt. As if the pain wasnt enough, I kept on throwing up.

No medication I was given helped and so an hour later I was at the hospital, on the edge of cryinf from anger because of the nurse caring for me. she refused to listen to me when I was trying to reason with her. She was insisting on giving me a specific type of morphine which I already knew wasn’t gonna help from my first three visits to the damn hospital. 

She stuck to her ignorance and pushed two shots of Toradol which did nothing so I spent another hour in pain. at this point I was close to passing out. I called her back, expressed my anger in her ignorance to trust her patient and asked for the right medication. 15 minutes later, the pain was gone and I could breathe again. The throwing up didnt stop though.

The doctors believe the surgeon who did my surgery back then must have missed a stone in my which now is stuck in the galltube(gallrör).

Well, the throwing up has stopped and so I’m back at work. I’m keeping a bag with me at all time since I’m always nauseous. I can only drink soup and eat yoghurt; those are like the only things that doesn’t give me pain or make me throw up.

I have no intentions of looking sick so…

I’m off to work now 🙂



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