She lost my shoes

Hi, baby, how was your weekend?



My weekend couldn’t have ended in a shittier way.

It. Sucked.

Friday at work was as awful as it can possibly get; I had a verbal fight with an ignorant colleague who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of being a dick.


You see, my baby love, my dearest love, this is pretty simple.


If someone at work tells you to stop helping me develop my IT skills because I should focus on my department as it is, and you tell me this but keep out the information about WHO it was that told you off, it makes you an awful person. The fact that I’ve repeatedly asked who it is even though you refuse and then ask me why  I can’t get over it and move on: MAKES YOU A DICK.

Of course I can’t move on, you’re hiding the only part that actually matters. Of course I can’t move on if you don’t tell me everything. And the fact that you think we can remain friends at work even tho broke the hood code, make you an IDIOT.


Moving on from that shit, sunday was father’s day here in Sweden so we all gathered at my dad’s place to celebrate. The plan was for me to, at the end of the celebration, get my winter shoes and bring them to mom’s place on my way home in order to use them, since it’s cold and icey everywhere.

But nonetheless, my dad’s wife as put them away somewhere and can’t seem to remember where. See, here’s the point I don’t get:


And this is the point that ticks me off the most, darling:


The woman legit said: “It could have been you, you know. Maybe you wore them to the gym and forgot them there.”


Lady, tell me: How does someone simply forget a pair of shoes at the gym? WHAT ON EARTH DID I GO HOME IN THEN?

I mean come ON!

I loved those shoes and spent a lot of time saving up money to buy them. I was working full time at the time that I bought them and I tried really hard to buy them. They meant so much to me.

So, I had a pretty shitty weekend.

Not only do I have to swallow my anger, I have to go and buy new shoes.

I’m probably gonna have to spend the money I planned on spending on my new hairstyle to buy new shoes; I’m gonna get a pair of Timberlands I think.



I’m definately buying them in grey if I can find them!


Timberland’s always make me think about BTS and Rap Monster and Jungkook





Jungkook more though, His laste name is basically Timberland ahhahaahha.


That’s usually how I do, I invest on a bit more expensive shoes so that I can wear them in the long run. I mean, my yellow Peak Performance jacket that my mom hates so much was bought in 2011 and it’s still like new and cozy. ^^

I love that jacket and I’m still gonna wear it.

But I have to buy new shoes. -.-

I’m gonna read a bit and then hopefully sleep some, I’ll talk to you later, love.






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