Involuntary absence 

Hi, baby. how have you been?

My old boss from Olearys called this monday and asked if I could jump in and help them out with a Christmas reservation for 50 people at the new place he works at; the restaurant of the royal theatre.

Knowing that I flawlessly handled reservations for 120 people back at Olearys, I assume he wanted someone who was up for the task and capable of handling the situation ^^

I said yes because I’m saving money and so yesterday I worked for 17 hours; from 8 am  to 1 am.

I couldn’t sleep when I got home and so I feel like a zombie. hahahah I woke up at 5 am YESTERDAY 😂😂

Oh well~~

I’m on the subway to work now and I am praying to God I dont fall asleep at work.

I can do this.


Hahah I was yawning as I wrote that xD

잘햐야겠다 ^^



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