This week flew past quickly

Hi baby~~

Im particularly pleased with my eyeliner today^^

You know I have been very strict with my work out program…well it feels good to finally see somw progress in my body. Growing stronger, muscles growing thicker and stronger etc.

And I’m very happy my protien shake finally tastes good hahahahhaha

Got any plans for christmas, baby? Oh I wish I could have been there to kiss you under the mistletoe at every possibility. Oh and I would have loved to drink hot choco together and cuddle, watching whatever movie you wanna watch^^ whatever makes my baby happy ❤

It’s almost christmas but no snow which sucks :/
I dont know about you but my dead soul has started to crave nothing but the gym,makeup, movies and books. Hahaha 2k17 is gonna be a good year…hopefully. I am so excited about all the DC movies that are coming next year!!

Now I’m gonna meet up Nessie for food and a casual walk around town 🙂



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