Snowless Christmas

Hi baby. Yupp, this year Christmas ended up being snowless here in Stockholm:/ oh well. I baked vanilla cuppies with blueberries for christmas dinner

I also made potatisgratäng which I do not know how to say in english but it’s a dish based on potatoes and cream. Super delicious:D

Needless to say, the Christmas dinner was delicious!^^

StaetingStarting from today I am testing out a new diet and fitness schedule based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fitness preferences and maximum balanced potein intake which is a combination I am calling “Arnold Mode”. I am testing it to see of I notice any difference in my progress. 

See, what Arnold once said in an interview was that after a while, all the weights started to become too easy so he flipped it around. Instead of doing your regular weight workouts like maybe squats with 60 kg, 9 x 3 sets or bicep culs 9 x 3 with the heaviest weight you can possibly take, he switched it up and went from maximum weight to minimum weight. So instead curling 60 kgs 9 x 3, he goes from one curl per weight climbing down one weight curl each time. That way he tricks the muscle-memory and after going through all the weights, 2 kgs end up a difficulty. It’s a bit hard to explain but I’m gonna add that method to all my work out steps in hopes of bulking smooth mucles in an efficient way. 

I am also changing my diet so that my body has a constant protein intake on the days that I’m gonna workout.

Im excited 😀

I gotta go to bed now, thank you for listening baby love ❤




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