New PR

Hi baby! 

How was your day? Ate anything special and deli deli today?

I just finished my workout and am on my way to home to eat something and then take a shower. 

I hit a new PR baby!! I squated 83 kgs today!! There’s not much left until I hit 100 now šŸ˜€

Im standing still and my legs are shaking Hahaha^^

I finished catching up on Arrow and Flash which feels really good. Now I’m trying to watch a few episodes of Daredevil season 2 and a kdrama named Legend of The Blue Sea. It’s actually very sweet and funny^^

I really love how dark and bloody Daredevil is, for being a Marvel series. 

You know I love DC over Marvel even though I love Marvel too. They’ve lost their touch and have become like Apple:pumping out movies just for money. Nonetheless, I really like Daredevil.^^

I’m losing grip of my phone because my arms are too tired hahhhaha
I’ll talk to you later, okay, sweetheart?




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