This week really did fly by

Hi, baby!

How has your week been, darling? Did you get a lot of things done? I sure did. 🙂

For starters, I colored my hair black ^^



It’s blueblack, to be exact ^^

I grew tired of seeing the same hair in the mirror every day sooo now it’s black.

I like it, it kind of matches my dead soul… and my naturally black eyebrows 🙂

Do you like it?

I do 🙂


Let me just take a moment to love my killer eyeliner today




On a completely different note;

I was having some issues with a fuckboy who was refusing to leave me the fuck alone, finally I think I got rid of him. We met at a bar in September and the fool acted all nice and sweet, called me and texted almost every day. He invited me over on a sunday, I went and the hoe was asleep and therefore didn’t meet me up. I didn’t wait ofcourse since I was already by the station.
Going on, he was as shady as anyone could ever be, only asking to hang out at night with beer involved. The bitch is 23 years old yet he was behaving like a 16 years old kid that thinks with nothing but his penis.
The funniest part? After he had the nerve to ask me “Do you wanna come over on thursday? I wanna have sex” I flipped. I told him to grow the fuck up, to go to hell, to get a life. You know what he does? He sends a photo of his crotch saying: “Tempted?”

“No, ain’t nobody wanting your rusty ass dick. This is why you single.” Is what I replied. His snap back was ” How do you know it’s rusty? You’ve never seen it”. My reply to that? “I wear heels longer that your 2 mm microdick, grow up”. He’s so dumb that he replied “it’s not 2mm at all, it’s big”. Hahahahaha.

So on and so forth, he finally said ” wanna go out tonight?” today and I flipped again.

“Don’t you have any self respect? Any value at all? I keep telling you to leave me alone and to grow the fuck up. Dont you see? I will never take anything you say seriously and you will always be nothing but a pathetic 20something years old fuckboy who has no game and no selfvalue. You are nothing but an adult kid who hasnt learned to grow up. So do yourself and your tiny bit of pride a favour and stop humiliating yourself further.”

Upon that, the fool blocked me hahahahah

So that god for that.

I am growing really tired of people confessing their feelings towards me and then doing nothing to act on it.

I had a friend, a very old friend, who has a girlfriend btw, tell me he likes me alot and has feelings for me. So I tell him to leave his girlfriend if he’s gonna keep on flirting with me and he acts like a tiny little puppy running back into her lap. He doesn’t even love or trust her but once  a bullshitter, always a bullshitter.

I actually thought I might be wrong about him, That maybe i could be able to trust his words.
Jokes on him, I was right again.

A tiny bit of advice to everyone thinking about confessing: Dont speak shit if you’re not gonna be grow up enough to stand behind your words and act upon them.


Just dont.

Coming from a heartless evil person who gives no shit about your pain when I tell you to fuck off, don’t give me the idea that I could maybe trust you if you’re not gonna value that trust. I could see your eyeballs being ripped apart and not flinch.


Enough about trash.


It’s already friday 😀


Any plans, baby?









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