I slipped

Hi, dear. How has your week been so far? Mine? Not so great. A few subscription changes at work has ended everything with a bunch of unsatisfied clients calling and emailing to complain to me about the change the company did. The worst part is: The client is right. 

Yesterday at the gym I was working on my hamstrings with the barbell smith machine but I slipped, fell and ended of on the floor with 38 kg on my left leg. It hurts a lot. If didn’t hurt as much when it happened so I actually finished my workout and then went to the pharmacy. Hahah 

I heal pretty fast so I’m not worried, Im just kind of mentally tired. 

Im gonna meet up with a friend tomorrow, whom I haven’t talked to or spent time together in a long time so I dont even know how thats gonna go. I have this feeling that even if it ends well, it’s gonna end bad. And I am honestly so tired of trying to fix our friendship when the effort feels so one sided that I don’t even know what I’ll feel regardless of how it ends. We’re just gonna have to hope for the best and see how it goes, right?

I’ll talk to you more later.




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